NIGAC Public Policy and Governance Institute (PGi)

The NIGAC Public Policy and Governance Institute (PGi) is a Professional Body that awards Practitioner Certification to Individuals who seek to build a Career in Public Policy, Public Affairs, Corporate Governance and Governance Partnerships – we are Nigeria’s Foremost Public Policy Practitioner Institute for Individuals seeking to become a Public Policy Practitioner.
Our core program PUBLIC POLICY PRACTITIONER COURSE is our ‘four-months beginners to advanced program’ that builds on your capacity to delve immediately into Public Policy and Public Affairs, this course is best suited for Individuals who are pivoting into Public Policy having built a track record in some other sector, it is also the perfect program for individuals who recently got employed or appointed in Government. Our program welcomes individuals with a political career that cuts across every aisle of the political spectrum.
Our Learning Methodology involves classroom teachings, site-visits, role-plays, simulation exercises/group task and more importantly, every prospective Public Policy Practitioner is given a capstone project to design a Policy Proposal that will be presented to our Legislative or Executive Branch of Government at the national or sub-national levels. These proposed bills can be public or private sector driven.