Policy Tracker Project

NIGAC Policy Tracker Project has a core mandate to carry out on the ground survey, monitoring and evaluation of Government Formulated/Implemented Policies and how effective/efficient was its implementation and what changes it brought about (both the expected/unintended outcome).

Governance Barometer Project

The NIGAC Governance Barometer Project has designed a Governance Accountability Framework that ensures we are able to monitor and evaluate via verifiable data the performance of elected and appointed officials and public servants at the Federal and State Level of Governance based on pre-determined metrics.


Local Governance Social Accountability Project

Our NiGAC Local Governance Social Accountability Project seeks to strengthen Community Structures (Right-Holders) to increase demand for Local Governance Accountability from Local Government Leaders (Duty Bearers)

Electorates Inclusion Project

The ‘Raise Your Voice Electorates Inclusion Project’ is NiGAC’s citizens-led electoral activation and participation awareness project with an objective to drive citizens involvement in the electoral processes. We seek to incentivize participation through a series of activities and interventions we have identified to be implemented across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Anti-corruption Project

The NiGAC Anti-corruption Project is a project targeted at reforming the internal processes of Government Agencies that interfaces regularly with the CITIZENS. We use a combination of opinion survey, undercover investigation, and direct dialogue with the government agency to deliver intervention policy solutions that can reduce corruption that frustrates and slows down supposed government services that is meant to be seamless. We work with government agencies at the Federal and State levels.