Policy Dialogues

We host monthly virtual and in-person Policy Dialogues with Senior Officials in Government; the Policy Dialogue affords Government an opportunity to engage with her citizens in an open and forthright manner

Policy Briefs

NIGAC Policy Briefs is a short and to the point document focused on a single policy area. Our NIGAC Policy Briefs seeks to explains the urgency of an issue, presents findings, and provides recommendations. We intend to always use our Policy Briefs as an effective tool for reaching and influencing Policymakers.

Policy Proposals

The Nigerian Global Affairs Council through its Policy Fellows and Policy Ambassadors design citizen-oriented Policy Proposals that have profound impact in improving the livelihood of Nigerians. We also design Policy Proposals meant to uphold and protect our rights as Citizens. Our Policy Proposals are designed on the heels of several demographic factors that impacts on how Policies are interpreted across each geographical region.

Policy State of Affairs (e-publication) :

This is NiGAC annual e-publication that provides insights and analysis into burning policy concerns for the quarter. We keep publication devoid of political patronage and provide insights that are objective with validated and cross-referenced data from public and independent trusted sources.