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NiGAC – Nigerian Global Affairs Council
Policy Simplification Objective
We simplify government policy position in an easy to understand and exciting to read manner
Policy Design and Advocacy Objective
Using behaviourial insights tools, we research, design, pilot, iterate, then scale policy solutions that are citizen-centered
Policy Leadership Development
Through our Non-Resident Policy Fellowship, we are grooming the next generation of Policy Technocrats that would bring forth fresh ideas and insights on how policies are designed and executed.
Increased Demand for Accountability for Governance at the Grassroots
Through our Local Governance Social Accountability Project, we empower community structures to increase for demand for accountability at the grassroots.
Publicly Evaluating the Performance of elected and appointed Public Officials
Working with other civil society groups across the national and sub-national levels, we measure and evaluate the performance of appointed and elected public officials to entrench transparency and accountability in governance
Minimizing the Impact of Corruption on Government Services
Our anti-corruption project identifies government agencies that interfaces with the citizens regularly and takes on different interventions meant to scale down or eliminate corrupt practices within that government agency to ensure a satisfactory citizen experience.


The Proconnect Innovation Academies is a Senior Secondary Specialized Educational Institution with a mandate to groom young leaders who will become AMBASSADORS of our Academies through our Guaranteed Finance-Facility-Led Scheme we have designed to provide a world-class tertiary education to our clients through a first, second and if possible third-degree program (s) that would be the long-term game-changer in their aspirations for a better life through job and entrepreneurial opportunities in the modern world. Our Academies strictly targets parents who desire for their teenagers to pursue an education that is globally relevant.


DEMOCRATIZE access to global educational opportunities for high-school graduates of African DESCENT because we REALIZE that whilst TALENT is UNIVERSAL, Opportunity is often not for high-school graduates of African DESCENT. Through our Edu-TECH brick and mortar approach, we are grooming the next generation of PROFESSIONAL CAREER LEADERS for the African CONTINENT.



First Secondary School System in Africa that guarantees a tertiary education in the United States or Canada through our Guaranteed Finance Scheme (Loan)


Purpose-built Mentorship Strategy that guides our students as they navigate their way from high school through their undergraduate and post-graduate degree where applicable in the United States or Canada


Guaranteed and easy pathway to FAMILY EMIGRATION which leads to a better life for our students and their families as they automatically qualify over time to emigrating out of Nigeria through the family visa program


Our Edu FinTech partner has an INTEREST-FREE Tuition Fees LOAN Program that enables ELIGIBLE and QUALIFIED parents to pay the schools fees of their children at the very beginning of the term whilst ensuring they pay in little bits over the term


Choose our school because your child or children will be building life-long relationships with career superstars and high-flyers intentionally groomed and mentored to excel in every sphere of human endeavour


It is our LONG-TERM aspiration to see PiA Alumni build careers in global and continental multilateral institutions, fortune 500 companies, the social development industry including becoming entrepreneurial superstars through their private enterprises and innovations