Strategic Objectives

Our Strategic Objectives are as follows:

  • The Nigerian Global Affairs Council is committed to using technology and digital media tools to disseminate and simplify current Government’s Policy Position in every facet of the Nigerian Economy in a non-political and non-partisan manner to members of the Public specifically Nigerians in Nigeria and the Diaspora. (We are not Government’s Mouth-piece, we simply present the facts backed with data)
  • The Nigerian Global Affairs Council is creating the largest DataBank of Policy Ideas and Solutions that will be publicly shared via our technology and digital-media platforms to aid our National and Economic Development/Growth. We are open to working with the Government (Executive, Legislative & Judiciary), Multilateral Institutions and Development Partners (INGO’s) in a non-partisan/political way to fast-track the concise execution of Policy Ideas and Solutions we have espoused in our DataBank
  • The Nigerian Global Affairs Council is committed to grooming the next generation of Policymakers. We will achieve this goal through the implementation of our Policy Fellowships and Policy Champ Project. The goal is to ensure that Nigeria has a steady flow of Policymakers who are sound and well-grounded in the future business of Policy-making
  • Through our citizen engagement, the Nigerian Global Affairs Council hopes to elevate the consciousness of Nigerians to putting forward intelligent questions that hold elected Leaders to account through a non-partisan/non-political role of being able to intentionally focus on the issues that affect the everyday citizen
  • We want to become Nigeria’s most-trendy, most effective, and most present (ever-changing to global trends) model for research and data compilation. Our goal is to become the most trusted source for an unbiased view on Government Policy Position at all times.