Services & Solutions

Research Based Services

We carry out commissioned and non-commissioned research-based projects, we also run investigative projects to acquire special findings on any issue of Public Policy Concern and we public bi-annual and annual reports and relevant publications on a regular basis for the benefit of the citizens

Consultancy Services

We offer Policy Analysis that is evidence and fact-based using quantitative and qualitative data. These insights provide the anchor upon which we offer our Policy Formulation services. We design Policy Implementation Strategies to ensure that expected outcomes/results are achieved.

Policy Advocacy Services

We use viral marketing strategies, traditional and digital-media campaigns, grassroot mobilization and sensitization road-shows, press-releases and peaceful/constructive demonstrations to advocate for Policies that entrenches Good Governance that is people and human oriented. In most cases, we advocate that a Human-centered design thinking engagement approach is used to foster policy changes.

Training Services

Through our top-rated NIGAC Public Policy Institute, we will offer learning and development services in Public Policy, Partnerships, Public Affairs, Government Relations, Policy Research, Policy Formulation and Policy Execution to members of the Public and to Corporate Organizations. Over time, we will be creating the first ‘Chartered Institute for Public Policy’ in Nigeria.

Non-partisan Lobbying and Policy-based pressure campaign services

We provide subtle but effective non-partisan lobbying and pressure campaign services to the Public and Private Sector. We also represent special interest group at the National and Sub-national across our Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Arms of Government. The GREATEST groups we lobby and represent are those of the CITIZENS. Kindly note that we won’t engage in practices that negates the principle of Good Governance for the Citizens.

Academic Development Component

We offer Curriculum Development Services for the Creation of an Academic Public Policy Program across our Tertiary Institutions. We will be working with the National Universities Commission to make this happen. We want to ensure that Public Policy Courses are offered at the Diploma, Undergraduates and Post-Graduate levels within our citadel of higher learning. We will work with Educational Stakeholders to curate an Academic Globally acceptable curriculum.

Quarterly Free e-Magazine Public Policy Publication

Quarterly Publication of our e-magazine called ‘Policy State of Affairs’. This e-magazine is expected to be downloaded by over 1 million Individuals across the Nigerian Landscape. Adverts are welcome. It will be a 120 page comprehensive Public Policy Publication.

Policy Tracker

We will be carrying out on the ground survey, monitoring and evaluation of Government Formulated/Implemented Policies and how effective/efficient was its implementation and what changes it brought about (both the expected/unintended outcome)

Policy Communications

We help Private Companies (Multinational, Supra-National & MSMEs) and Public Institutions (National, Sub-National and Local Governments) simplify their new policies to members of the public in a non-partisan and non-political aligned manner. Our Policy Communications services will be objective and fact-based backed with data. We offer these services to enable our clients stakeholders understand the objectives of their policies and how it can be beneficial in the short, medium and long-run.