Public Policy Advisor

Public Policy Fellowship

A two-years National Public Management/Public Policy Fellowship that will see Nigerian Professionals work as Policy Advisors across several POLICY priority areas of our national government across the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Arms of Governance, Policy Fellows will be rotated across Ministries and Agencies to gain useful insights about Policy Formulation, the Policy Fellowship consist of an Academic, Internship and Community Service Component. We work directly with key Government Stakeholders, Academic Institutions, and International NGOs in grooming future Policy Technocrats for the Nigerian State. Our Public Policy Fellowship is designed to foster the PRIORITY AREAS of our Development Partners/Funders. The NIGAC Resident and Non-Resident Policy Fellowship focuses on Public Policies at the Federal Level.

Policy Fellows do the following:

  1. Carry out extensive Policy Simplification Exercises providing insights and analysis for citizens engagement
  2. Carry out insightful Policy Research and prepare Reports in line with their Findings backed by objective data and hard-facts
  3. Produce Policy Briefs that evaluates the impacts of Government Implemented Policies backed by objective data and hard-facts
  4. Design citizen-oriented Policy Proposals that are sponsored by Nigerian Federal Legislators in the National Assembly
  5. Engage regularly with Policy Leaders in Government to better understand the inner workings of Government