Policy Champs Clubs

This is Special Public Policy Enlightenment Project that targets Senior Secondary School Students – The major highlight of this project will be the ANNUAL Teenage Organized Townhall Meeting where Representatives at the Local, State and Federal Level get to attend these Townhalls. The Townhalls will provide an opportunity for teenagers to share their POLICY CONCERNS and ANXIETIES as it concerns the basics about Housing, Education, Healthcare, Security, Feeding and access to many other basic amenities. We also hope that the Policy Champs Program fosters a PATRIOTIC IDENTITY in the hearts and minds of our Teenagers who will share same sentiments and patriotic spirits with their parents. The ripple effect is that parents begin to understand the implication of selling their votes for a morsel and will know better to ask questions that keeps our Leaders accountable. The event will mostly be held at the Senatorial district level once a year. Each school will have a SPECIAL POLICY ADVISOR who acts as our focal person in that senior secondary school. We intend to work with Intermational Development Partners to bring this project to all Senior Secondary Schools in Nigeria.