PERSONAL OPINION: The Future EldaDavid forsees for Nigeria and How Young People can PREPARE…


If you are within the age bracket of 20 – 50 years Old

Read this, assimilate this, internalize this then get to work by preparing because this will likely be the most important information you will get.

First we have to realize that 2023 upwards will represent a UNIQUE opportunity as far as Political Leadership is concerned. President Buhari will likely be the last guard of the old order of military men that has ruled this country in the last 30 years except the Jonathan years.

Yes, Nigeria made some progress in those years but the truth is we were down a bad spiral – these old leaders of ours had their opportunity crafted and handed over to them in a platter (Free Education, Scholarship to any of the top-rated schools in the World, Readily available Jobs when you graduate and more importantly, an opportunity to build a life and career for yourself that ensured you are stable and comfortable – in those years, you don’t need to hustle for Jobs, Jobs hustle for you upon graduation.. Undergraduates then lived in habitable hostels, had free breakfast, lunch and dinner served at them, Nigeria represented what we call the AMERICAN DREAM, if you studied and worked hard, you will do just fine, if you were very ambitious, you would infact CLIMB very far except your VILLAGE PEOPLE were against you (lolzzz).

Now let’s imagine the scenario today, the most obvious been the near comatose tertiary education system we have – how things got this bad is a STUDY that GENERATIONS to come will never understand – the intrigues, mysteries, stealing, corruption, nepotism and all the many vices that took hold sent Nigeria into downward spiral it hasn’t recovered from yet – today, millions of young people are jobless, we get low quality education that can’t compete even in South-Africa, everything our older generation enjoyed has dried up and we are the younger generation are left with the sweet tales that is very bitter to digest – countries the World over get better, do BETTER but ours was the reverse OPPOSITE.

No matter how hard you try to wash-white it – our Leaders starting with the 1st republic in 1960 Leaders failed US, they failed the FUTURE and today, we are paying the PRIZE of a Nation that has lacked VISION and FORESIGHT. Today, our young people live in despair, pain and frustration. Many have been driven to a life of vice, vices that includes: Armed Robbery, Internet Fraud, Prostitution, Kidnapping, Killings and many other unthinkable crimes people have been forced to take on.

Azikiwe, Balewa, Ironsi, Gowon, Murtala, Obasanjo (Military), Shagari, Buhari (Military), Babaginda, Shonekan, Abacha, Abdusallam, Obasanjo (Civilian), Yaradua, Jonathan and today Buhari (though civilian today but still part of the old order, sorry)  – THEY ALL FAILED US – We should stop white-washing their CAREERS or SERVICE to Nigeria. Today is where it is because of the ROLES these MEN played in road railing Nigeria to the debris we are in at the moment. Each alongside their cronies, advisers and supporters including their behind the scene backers FAILED this nation when it needed them to think about the UNBORN GENERATIONS, with each of their little bits’ failings, Nigerian SANK DEEPER, DEEPER AND DEEPER, Imagine the stories about how the Naira was equal to the Dollars or the Pounds, imagine the stories of how Nigerians didn’t need A VISA to travel to London or New York as Nigerians had no reason to leave or run away from Nigeria. Nigerians HAD HOPE in Nigeria. If only these set of people above had set the FOUNDATION right, we are meant to be a POWERFUL BLACK NATION to be reckoned with TODAY.

Now I am done WHINING – Let’s talk about a SOLUTION, I usually LAUGH at people who think GOVERNMENT POLICIES or DECISIONS doesn’t AFFECT their LIVES. I laugh at people who care less what happens in POLITICS, I laugh at the ignorance of those who BERET those who are trying to MAKE headways into POLITICS.

Many a times, it takes years of careful planning, consistent participation, the OLD ORDER are dying off one after the other – those names I mentioned above alongside their cahoots of destroyers are DEAD or nearer to their GRAVES, the next 15 years will see the LARGEST VACUUM of POLITICAL ALIGNMENTS and POSITIONING TAKING PLACE. I don’t even think PDP or APC will be in existence in 15 years as they lack BASIC IDEALOGICAL DOCTRINES that guide their activities or MEMBERSHIP.

It will ignorant of you to THINK that Nigeria will be like this FOREVER. This is the time to start preparing, start grooming, start building and start TALKING because the next generation of the MOVERS and SHAKERS of this Nation are been GROOMED somewhere, somehow. If you think our Politicians or Elites that send their Children abroad are doing so to give them a better LIFE abroad then you are mistaken the INTENTION, those kids are being GROOMED with the best EDUCATION to come SERVE at home – whether they serve at the interest of the MASSES is another thing. Like majority of our parents seat back to condemn, deride, castigate and complain, they had their prime years, they had their opportunity, they had the chance, they were part of this country when all of these anomalies were unfolding, they have seen it all but yet, look at their lives and see how IRRELEVANT all those inactions stated above has led Nigeria to become.

You don’t want to become another TOOTHLESS BULLDOG in years to come. Your mates, our mates, those around you – LOOK at them very well, we are going to have SENIOR PLAYERS within the Corporate, Government, Political and Civil Society Circles come out of them – How are you aligning yourself today? I will share few tips on what we can and should do. It is not an exhaustive LIST but it is a GREAT PLACE to start.

  1. Become DEEPLY INTERESTED in Public Policy Issues – Talk about it, write about it, break it down, argue intelligently and constructively about it if possible and ensure that your voice is loudly HEARD but before that, you need to do the following too.
  2. For those of us that can’t afford an Education abroad, kindly note that those with a FOREIGN degree already enjoy an advantage but it is a deciding FACTOR, it is what you make of your situation that matters, begin to upgrade yourself via ONLINE LEARNING, if possible get yourself into International Fellowships, Conferences and Groups where diverse and globally oriented knowledge is shared. It will help expand your mind to enable you see POSSIBILITIES that Nigeria cannot afford you. This is the MOST important part of the GROOMING PROCESS.
  3. Don’t be aloof about Governance ISSUES, you must not join a POLITICAL PARTY, you can start by building your INTEREST and EXPERTISE in a certain area of FIELD. Build it, groom it, become known and synonymous with that FIELD, become an AUTHORITY, often times, the most effective to create change is usually BEHIND the scenes where you can ACT as a trusted ADVISOR, Confidante and TRUSTWORTHY Technocrat, not everyone must wear the POLITICAL cap.
  4. If you love POLITICS and you intend to contest for ELECTIVE positions, I would advise that you begin to BUILD your portfolio of PERSONAL SUCCESSES, it might not matter today because we claim GODFATHERS are the deciding factor but the truth is GODFATHERs exist everywhere and GODFATHERS want to promote a MATERIAL that is easy to promote, check out some states, the Governors already enjoyed personal successes. A time will come that for you to contest for any position, these are the things that will MATTER, Thugs and Touts will still exist but that’s what they be – thugs and touts nothing more and easily expendable if push comes to shove.
  5. Nigeria will not change in 5 or even 10 years because the rot has been going on for too LONG but Nigeria will see A CHANGE as the years goes by, there are SET of Leaders that will emerge in future that will have FORESIGHT, VISION and the WILL to do whatever it takes to ensure that their NAMES AND GOODWORKS will speak for them in generations to come. Nigeria is GETTING THERE.
  6. Lastly, to be very clear, President Buhari is likely the last set of the OLD GUARD that will ever rule Nigeria – How you position YOURSELF over the next 5-15 years matters and will determine the entire TRAJECTORY of your life in Public Service but first GO YE into the World and BUILD, BUILD AND BUILD. Your personal SUCCESSES will become your TESTAMENT.

Kindly share your thoughts to | What other ways can we prepare and be ready to take over in future?


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EldaDavid is a Public Policy Practitioner who works and resides in Lagos, Nigeria. EldaDavid is the President-in-Council and Research Lead for the Nigerian Global Affairs Council – A Technology-based and Digital Media-driven Public Policy and Evidence-based Research Think-Tank that simplifies Government Policy Positions at all times.


  1. Whao!this is a great words of wisdom that all the Nigerian youths,both male and females should think of; what I see about this current Nigeria social and economy crisis is due to most of our past leaders that have been be in power ruling us since we’ve gotten our independent in 1960 they all are still ruling us like of past of which it shouldn’t be so all this old age men’s should give we the youth an opportunity to be in government too let turn it to a modern Nigeria yes we can do it together we are strong

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