The Citizen and Leadership Training Centre for reoriention


The Problem Statement

The Citizen and Leadership Training Centre Act is an act for the establishment of the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre and the Management Board for the Centre and for matters connected therewith.

It is meant to reshape the orientation and character of Nigerians.

This will lead to self-discovery and self –actualization that are evidently based on one’s competence and ability, irrespective of one’s origin, belief or class.

The ACT Solution

The mission of this act is to provide a sustainable framework for citizenship and leadership training and value re-orientation through experiential education and the use of challenging natural environment for the benefit of all Nigerians.

The act created several objectives that will empower Nigerians for good citizenship and responsible leadership. Here below are the stated goals:

  • Provide Training for the development of Citizenship and Leadership for public benefit.
  • To enhance and expand individual awareness.
  • Inculcate in the individual qualities of self-discipline, self-reliance and selfless service.
  • Development of national consciousness and international understanding.
  • Seeking to engineer a general reorientation of values.
  • The act gives room for the creation of Membership of the Board.

The Board shall consist of –

(a) Chairman to be appointed by the President;
(b) Five members to represent the States of the Federation to be chosen in rotation from the five zones set out in Schedule 1 to this Act, on the recommendation of the Governors of the States concerned;
(c) A representative of the Ministry charged with the responsibility for matters relating to the Centre;
(d) The Director of the Centre;
(e) Seven other members appointed by the Minister from the following Ministry or bodies, that is – (i) the Ministry of Education; (ii) the Nigerian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture; (iii) the Nigeria Police Force; (iv) any arm of the Armed Forces of the Federation; (v) the National Council of Women’s Societies; (vi) the Nigerian Youth Trust; and (vii) the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association.

NIGAC Constructive Take/Position

The citizenship and leadership training centre act is a suitable gesture that will portray and symbolize Nigerians into a highly regarded and admired citizens globally.

The body that represents this act should advocate more cognizance about the training, from the top hierarchy to the grassroots level.

The Executive, Legislative and Judiciary arm of the government should press the start button by embarking on regular boot camping for ideas and knowledge.

This paradigm will warrant other subsidiaries arm of the government and citizens to follow their steps. It will also reconfigure the behaviour and create a positive mindset for the nation.

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