Policy Champ Clubs

This is Special Public Policy Enlightenment Project that targets Senior Secondary School Students – The major highlight of this project will be the ANNUAL Teenage Organized Townhall Meeting where Representatives at the Local, State and Federal Level get to attend these Townhalls. The Townhalls will provide an opportunity for teenagers to share their POLICY CONCERNS and ANXIETIES as it concerns the basics about Housing, Education, Healthcare, Security, Feeding and access to many other basic amenities. We also hope that the Policy Champs Program fosters a PATRIOTIC IDENTITY in the hearts and minds of our Teenagers who will share same sentiments and patriotic spirits with their parents.


The sectoral forums are the CENTRAL POLICY areas we focus our work on. This forum membership is closed and open to NIGAC Fellows ONLY. Their open events are however open to Associate Members and members of the general public. Sectoral forum events will always be updated on the website, our app and social media channels

Public Policy Fellowships

A two-years sub-national or national Public Management/Public Policy Fellowship that sees Nigerian Professionals work as PAID Policy Advisors or Assistants across several POLICY priority areas of our sub-national and national government across our executive, legislative and judiciary arm, fellows will be rotated across Ministries and Agencies to gain useful insights about Policy formulation and its execution, it will consist of an Academic, Internship and Community Service Component. We will be working with key Government Stakeholders, Academic Institutions and International NGO’s to execute this project


An annual ideation event to create tech and digital tools that can foster policy anaylsis, formulation and its implementation; we also welcome ideas and tools that can foster democracy and its institutions including social justice. We invest in technologies that foster Good Governance.

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