Become an Associate Member

Become an Associate Member

Associate Membership is open to regular members of the public who sign up to read our publications, insights and policy ideas.

It is also an excellent way to get updates on NIGAC activities sent to your mail box directly. We would also send weekly messages to those who download our web-based APP.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • They access all of our resource information for free
  • They can apply to become members of our editorial board as Editors and Content Writers
  • They can attend sectoral forums programs for free (virtual and in-person)
  • They can attend NIGAC events for free based on strict invitation (Fellows have priority access to NIGAC organized or enabled events)
  • They get weekly newsletters
  • Free access to our quarterly e-copy of our FRONTIER PUBLICATION called “POLICY STATE OF AFFAIRS”
  • An opportunity to be selected for our bi-ennial Policy Fellowship where they work as paid Policy Assistants and Advisors across our sub-national and national Government earning first-rated Policy Analysis, Formulation and Execution Experience (Fellows who have proved their mettle and added value enjoy priority selection for this unique opportunities).
  • Be part of our virtual monthly “POLICY DIALOGUE” with Policy Leaders across the Political and Civic engagement spectrum

  • They can attend NIGAC organized Policy oriented trainings and learning events (Fellows get priority access to these trainings and learning events)

Events and Activities

Through our regular virtual and physical activities, we intend to suatain Policy Dialogues that will keep the citizens engaged and enable the citizens hold our Political Leaders and Policymakers accountable. We will host several kinds of engagements that cut across all demography and age group. We will regularly update our programs and activities on our APP, website and social media channels.

Become a Special Public Policy Advisor

This is our Special Public Policy Enlightenment Project that targets Senior Secondary School Students; the project is called “PUBLIC POLICY CHAMPS”). The project will feature as Public Policy Clubs in Senior Secondary Schools particularly for Students who take classes in Government and Civic Education. Once a year, we will Public Policy Town halls with elected officials across our Local Government Officials and Legislative Arm at the state and federal level. These town halls will be held at the Senatorial Levels across Nigeria once a year. The Special Public Policy Advisor will serve as a Mentor and Guide to these Secondary School Students volunteering his or her time once a MONTH. The SPPA will also co-host the ANNUAL Public Policy Town Hall in the Senatorial District where the Schools are located